We perform power quality analysis and electrical load monitoring on existing electrical equipment including electrical utility and distribution equipment.

The exponential increase in sensitive electronic equipment can place stress on new facilities but can be very disruptive to older facilities. Power quality studies often help facilities understand their load characteristics and where they may be at risk for a future failure.

Power QualityRECORD power, voltage, current, power factor, harmonics and frequency values for analysis.

PERFORM power quality analysis including recording of power system quality, transients, billing verification, load profiling, power factor surveys, energy metering and audits, harmonic problems, and phase imbalances.

ANALYZE power system quality and provide detailed report and investigate abnormal conditions.

INVESTIGATE electrical system disturbances and outages.

PERFORM Electrical Metering Audits and Electrical Billing Verification utilizing power quality equipment.

PROVIDE recommendations for power quality system including power factor correction.