We provide electrical maintenance shutdown support on existing facilities including critical equipment and building electrical systems.

TestingPREPARE detailed Method of Procedures (MOP) and a projects schedule for the electrical maintenance shutdown.

PROVIDE technical direction to manufacturer’s authorized personnel during shutdowns.

PERFORM maintenance and testing on UPS Systems with manufacturer’s technicians, emergency generators, power distribution units, electrical switchboards, distribution panelboards, transformers and panelboards.

PERFORM testing of UPS Systems and emergency generators including steady state, transient and operational testing.

Maintenance ASSESS damaged equipment and provide real time solutions with installers and clients during both shutdown maintenance operations and emergency outages

PROVIDE emergency assistance (24/7) for system failures and outages. We provide onsite remediation of systems and equipment after failures or any other events.

CREATE detailed test forms customized to the client equipment to provide the most comprehensive testing achievable. These test forms form the basis of the testing to be performed during shutdowns and outages.